Provident Intelligencer: Media analysis that eliminates leaps of faith


Have you ever seen people base-jump? They hurl themselves off cliffs, mountains or tall structures in wingsuits. It’s extremely dangerous, with a high fatality rate, because there’s so little control. Skydiving is actually considerably safer.

Few of us enjoy leaping into the abyss with no control whatsoever over whether we succeed or fail. We want to know where we’re going, how we’re getting there and that we’re going to safely and successfully reach our destination.

So why are so many companies simply base-jumping when it comes to their PR strategies instead of using cold, hard data that can provide critical information about how to achieve what they want with their messaging? That includes how it’s being received and who’s receiving it.

As 2018 winds down, many companies still don’t have proper media analysis tools in place for either social or traditional media. That means they’re just guessing when they’re trying to get information out into the world about a new product, a dynamic new executive or their decisive actions dealing with a crisis. They’re simply hoping something sticks, and have no idea how their message is resonating among those who shape public opinion … not just traditional news organizations, but YouTube, Facebook and Instagram influencers too.

That kind of media analysis is absolutely crucial to success.

At Provident Communications, we just helped a client through a significant crisis. Daily media analysis played a critical role in informing the company’s executives and shaping their crisis management decisions.

Our Provident Intelligencer service uses innovative, cloud-powered software to provide our clients with social and traditional media data that informs communications strategies.

Will your organization soar, empowered by comprehensive media analysis? Or will it careen to the bottom of a canyon with no clue how to pull itself out of the nosedive due to major media blind spots?

Command the conversation with Provident Intelligencer.