A no-BS job posting for an amazing role


If you follow us on our blog or on LinkedIn, you know we’ve been looking to expand our team. But as anyone in this market also knows, finding great talent isn’t easy - especially if you're a young company like ours.

When we first posted a few months back that we were hiring, we saw some good candidates, but not “the one.” So, we posted again, this time with more detail, and we found a stellar candidate who, choosing between us and a tech startup, opted for the technology route (we wish them all the best!).

We were so, so close!

They say third time’s a charm, right? So we've decided to share even more detail, and to talk about the role in a way that's actually relevant to the job seeker. Here goes!

The Basics:

  • Title: If you’re an agency type, you’re an AD or a newish VP. If you’re internal, you might have any number of titles, but you get the idea.
  • Role: All the stuff you love - you will get to bring your experience to bear on everything from communications strategy to creating content and PR. Pitching. Writing. Planning. Impressing clients and prospects with kick-ass service. Working with a wide range of companies, from multinational to startup
  • Salary: No denying it, not as much as the big agencies. But that's just for now, and it's still more than you might think!
  • Perks: See Role, above, and Location, below
  • Location: Wherever you want, mostly. We have a shared workspace in downtown Toronto when you need it. Can you attend meetings in and around the city when needed? Then we’re good.

The Rest:

  • We’re two people. You’ll make us three – which means you’re shaping a culture, not joining one.
  • You’ll never hear the words “utilization” or “time entry”. Ever.
  • You follow current events and business news not because you have to, but because you want to. You're curious, creative and driven - a dangerous combination.
  • You think long-term, just like us. You can see what we’ve done in just over a year, and know that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Everyone has big plans, but we're proud to say that our plans are already coming to life. Join us and help us continue to build. Email wojtek@providentcomms.com if you want to talk.