Welcome to Provident.

We live in a noise-filled world, marked by short attention spans, fractured audiences and low brand trust. Getting your message to customers, partners, employees and investors has never been more challenging - or more important. You can't afford to be ignored, misunderstood or face negative word of mouth.

At Provident, we're a new kind of communications agency. And we get it. 

With decades of experience working with, and for, some of the world's biggest organizations, we craft and tell stories that resonate and get results. We turn executives into thought leaders, companies into valuable sources of information, issues into opportunities, and creative content into consumer action.

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Content Strategy & Execution

Between us and our partners, we've written for Reuters, The National Post, Canadian Press, The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, and more. We bring journalism-grade content and thinking to our clients. 

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Executive Profiling

From inside Canada's most prominent boardrooms or the country's biggest agencies, we've worked with countless organizations to transform their leaders into people who shape and shift opinions. 


Media & Influencer Relations

With decades of experience working with them - or alongside them - we know how to craft messages that get noticed by reporters, editors producers and influencers. 

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Crisis Communications

Over the years we've worked through a range of complex issues for some of North America's biggest organizations, and we know what it takes to protect your reputation in any situation.