The importance of keeping your brand fresh and relevant


Have you ever wondered how iconic brands stay relevant? How companies like Google and Amazon continue to attract the best talent in the industry?

Without question, they know who they are and what they stand for. It hasn’t happened overnight. It takes market research, a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and priorities and a commitment to the core values of their brand. And it’s absolutely vital to uphold that commitment. Why? Because a well-managed brand can be the most strategic asset any company has.

Branding can sometimes be left on the back burner as a business gets up and running. Usually a logo and colour palette are quickly pulled together and the main focus is on expanding the business and servicing clients. Branding as an afterthought is a recurring problem with many organizations, and can sound the death knell for a startup as they try to be everything to everyone, diluting their own message about what they stand for.

So if you’re struggling to focus, here are some key elements that help define a brand: Design, values, consistency and innovation.

You need to invest in design. Executing that design is almost as important as the story behind your brand. Sloppy, ramshackle or tired designs will leave your brand looking dated and low-quality. So do it right, be willing to spend the money to nail it and make sure it’s consistent across all platforms. And don’t forget to check in and freshen and innovate your design when necessary.

Values are also critical. You must have a firm understanding of who you are and what you stand for. If your own C-suite executives and employees don’t fully understand your core values and what you represent, how can you ask clients to take that leap and sign up to do business with you?

Undergoing an extensive branding and design exercise is no easy feat. It takes the entire team to be engaged, passionate about the project and excited for the future of the organization.

Two years into Provident’s life span felt like a natural time for us to evolve our brand to truly speak to who we are now. As the company has grown, it’s different than what it was at its inception. There are fresh faces aboard, with new ideas and perspectives. And so we’ve refreshed and updated not just our design, our core values and our mission  — we’ve revitalized the entire Provident brand.

Provident’s goal since Day One has been to bring senior-level thought leadership and strategic communications experience to each and every one of our clients, and to empower them to command the conversation. We’re happy to say we meet that goal daily. We just needed our brand to project the same feel.

So what is the Provident brand? It’s all about our manifesto, a set of deeply held beliefs that guide us in everything we do and help us blaze trails in the communications field.

We are leaders. We share a love of business. We are strategists. We are experts in our field. We will not tell you simply what you want to hear. We deliver. We are agile. We are connected. We are driven. We believe in results. We believe in trust. We believe in the power of research. We know what it takes to win. We believe in the power of words. We believe in the power of reputation.

We are Provident. Command the Conversation.