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Happy New Year!

I’m proud of how quickly Provident Communications Inc. has grown since launch. To continue building on this early success, I plan to expand the firm in 2017. If you are a communications professional who wants a rewarding, fast-paced challenge, Provident is the place. If you want to do great work for great clients in exchange for excitement, flexibility, financial upside and the opportunity to shape a start-up corporate communications firm, I would love to speak with you.

Here is, in very broad strokes, how I would define someone ideally suited to work at Provident:

You are never happy with the status quo and always strive for improvement, disrupting your own way of doing things and constantly learning new platforms and ways of communicating. You’re passionate, creative and excellent at connecting with people. You have a focus on action and results, driven by clearly set expectations. You’re resilient, calm under pressure, and thrive despite uncertainty. You welcome feedback, and give it freely, in pursuit of the best possible client outcome.

You have lots of experience developing new business and attracting new clients. While this is a senior role, you’re just as capable and excited to be actually doing the work as you are selling it. You have great media relationships. You never have coffee alone, and are always connecting with new reporters, bloggers, potential clients or future colleagues. You’re comfortable giving difficult advice to senior executives, and you’ve managed crisis and issues for clients in the past.

You know that the one thing you have over everyone else is the ability to outwork them, and that hard work is what turns your great talents into success. This is a start-up firm, and that means lots of hustle. You make mistakes, get over them quickly and don’t repeat the same ones twice. You believe failing fast is good, but not as good as failing less. Your vision of the future contemplates only success, because you know negativity is poison.

In return for the value you add, you want significant financial reward, a chance to shape a communications firm from the ground up and the ability to work with some of the best clients in Corporate Canada and, soon, Corporate America.

If that sounds like you, drop me a note at

(Photo courtesy of Ostap Melnik)

Can't miss: our most popular posts of 2016


We always value and appreciate the great feedback and engagement we get in response to our blog posts. In 2016, we wrote about a range of communications issues, from modernizing employee engagement to busting PR myths and building trust inside an organization. Each time, our audience has responded with lots of sharing, liking and, most importantly, insightful commentary and observations.

For a look back at last year, we have selected the six most popular posts as measured by the number of unique page views and shares on social media. If you haven’t checked them out yet, we hope you find something of interest.

Without further ado, here is the roundup!

Busting a PR myth: why "sticking to your key messages" will NOT get you great results - We were honoured to hear that at least three large companies shared this post across their communications departments. We firmly believe brute force with the media when delivering key messages often doesn’t work - this post just hammered the point home!

Three ways strong leaders build trust - Trust is essential in business, and building it should be a priority for every communications team, regardless of the size of the organization. We highlighted a few transparent ways to help leaders do just that.

Broken news: how untrained spokespeople can wreck even the best PR campaigns - We think this one was so popular because of how many PR teams have been burned by untrained spokespeople. We see it all the time - reputations can be damaged and  great PR results are but a dream when your spokespeople aren’t at their best.

The questions you can't forget to ask when building a communications strategy - Far and away our most popular post of the year, shared almost 300 times on LinkedIn alone. So many of you are engaged in strategy work, and this post resonated because it provided some great questions to ask when getting down to business. Many more of you offered your own suggestions, which was great.

A modern look at media relations - Sometimes, re-stating the basics can be helpful, and we heard from a lot of our readers that that’s why this post worked so well. Take a quick look at this one if you are wondering what could make your media relations more effective.

Communicating with impact as a new leader - When new leaders arrive in role, they’re often drinking from the proverbial firehose – facing an overload of information and a shortage of context. Communicating can take a back seat as a result, which can be a critical error. We boiled down how to be effective into just three easy approaches.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out our content, and for giving us one of the most valuable assets: your attention. We wish you all the best for 2017, and if you ever have a communications challenge you’d like to discuss, just write us at

Six months in: a sincere thank you


Today marks exactly six months since I launched Provident Communications Inc. It has been an incredible time: thanks to the trust and confidence of my clients, the firm has already exceeded every one of the full-year targets I set for myself at launch.

I couldn’t be more thankful. Across a variety of sectors, some of Canada’s biggest companies have entrusted me with their business, from strategy and executive communications to M&A and issues management. At the same time, I’ve helped several of the country’s most innovative and client-focused startups build their brands.

Provident operates in a highly competitive industry, and I know all of my clients have a great deal of choice, so I’m both honoured and flattered by their business.

I’m equally thankful for the awesome and generous people in my personal and professional networks. So many of them opened doors, made introductions, gave unsolicited recommendations and provided ongoing feedback on my various (good and bad) ideas. Much of this kindness has translated into new business, strong leads and potential partnerships. I’m committed to reciprocating in full, and also to paying it forward and helping others however I can.

Like any entrepreneur, I've also made mistakes and learned from a few hard lessons in the last six months. I expect this will continue for as long as I'm in business. I've learned to welcome and enjoy the tough moments as much as any success I achieve, because they teach so much about self-awareness and resilience.

The year ahead promises to be even more exciting. New and existing clients are looking to drive major change and large-scale projects as soon as 2017 begins, and I’m thrilled to support them in doing so. Provident will also seek to grow in size, so I will be looking to expand the team as the year progresses.

Above all else, I will focus on what I do best: blending my journalism and corporate communications expertise to work with brands and leaders to deliver great business outcomes. As it has been until now, the work Provident delivers will be backed by a commitment to unparalleled responsiveness and exceptional client service.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped Provident have an incredibly successful first six months. I wish all of you happy holidays and a great New Year!

-Wojtek Dabrowski, Managing Partner, Provident Communications Inc.