Not an oxymoron: How to become a cannabis thought leader


It’s been two weeks since Canada legalized cannabis, becoming only the second nation in the world to do so. Hundreds of cannabis producers can now legally sell their products in Canada. The field is packed with competitors, including government cannabis, and the industry is also grappling with potentially bad press from the Canadian Medical Association guidelines that raise alarm bells about usage.

So how can a cannabis company stand out from a crowded field of competitors while dealing with strict marketing restrictions? And how can companies address cautionary warnings about the use of their product with respect and integrity?

Here at Provident, we know timing is everything. As the legal cannabis industry gets up and running, companies have a unique opportunity to pull away from the pack right when Canadians — and the world — are paying close attention. They can become the brand of record by providing quality product, being responsible about potential risks and getting their company’s name in the news for reasons other than the volatility of its stock price.

How so?

First and foremost, becoming a thought leader in the portion of the market you want to corner  — whether it’s medical or recreational cannabis, edibles, oils or dried flower or a combination of them all — is critical. As Canadians are confronted with conflicting headlines about cannabis, thoughtful companies can become fonts of fact and knowledge.

We’ve helped countless companies achieve this by providing top-notch content written by team members with extensive journalistic experience. In this era of fake news and fear-mongering, factual, research-based blog posts, op-eds and social media content from the scientists and medical experts you have on staff can enhance not just your reputation, but your bottom line. It can also help ease investor skittishness, and put you on the path to long-lasting success.